New Beginning

Dear You,

Troubled and heavy ladened

Weighed down by so deep a burden

Feels like the end of your journey is nigh

And all you can do is panic, fret and sigh

You were made for this moment

To walk through this trial and torment

And come forth as gold

So that your story may be told

Of how you came and saw and conquered

For just like the moon

We must go through phases of emptiness to feel full again

And just like seasons change

Some things just have to end for others to begin

Often times we can hardly see what God has planned

And things seem to occur in ways we cannot Understand

Never forget, his ways are not our ways

Neither are his thoughts our thoughts

He knows the thoughts he thinks towards you

Though it may be the end of this particular journey for you

He will guide you to an expected end

Only believe, and look forward to a new beginning.

© 2020 Ella

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