In the fledgling Jamestown, Virginia colony in 1609, colonists were faced with the prospect of starvation. One of their many problems was gentlemen who were unaccustomed to hard work; who refused to help with the hard work of planting and harvesting. John Smith, the leader of the colony, imposed the rule, “ He that will not work shall not eat (except by sickness he be disabled).” For them, this was a logical and effective remedy to a serious problem, but for us, it’s a biblical injunction given by St. Paul in the first reading of today to address a similar problem- Idleness . In the Thessalonian church, Christians who should be busy working to support themselves have become busybodies, meddlers and mischief-makers because they were not ready to work and were idling-away .

Even in our time, the need to engage in meaningful work is a fact which cannot in anyway be undermined. Through some sort of meaningful work, we make life better for ourselves and others. Also, when people are working, their energy is channelled into positive enterprises., hence, meddling and mischief-making is avoided. The reason is simple, Idleness is the devil’s tool.

Sadly enough, there are still many around us who are experts in meddling into other people’s business but do nothing for themselves. They have zero disposition for work, yet they want God to bless them: teachers go to school only to remain in the staff rooms pressing their phones and chatting away, waiting for closing time. Local Government workers visit the premises once in a month. When you visit health posts and clinics in our villages, you’ll  find them empty, yet  there are nurses assigned there. Security posts are either empty or full of drunkards. People see work as suffering, yet we want God’s blessings. God does not encourage laziness. While laziness is the devil’s tool, work is God’s tool. This fact is clear in the Sacred Scriptures. Majority of those he called, he met them at their duty posts: Moses, Saul, David, Amos, Peter and Andrew, James and John, Mathew, and so on. For God to bless us, we must position ourselves through hardwork. Our father is working, so should we.

 Help us Lord to shun all forms of Idleness. Amen!



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