Christians are called to be men and women of hope, united by the certainty of a God who does not give up. Hence, Christ teaches today about the need for watchfulness and vigilance as we await the promises of God. All Christians look up to God. We await the day of Lord. The day when he’ll wipe away our tears and take away our suffering. It’s this hope that drives us in our prayers and daily struggles. It’s this same hope that keeps the Nigerian people going despite the hardship, hunger, and strife. We hope in the God whom St. Paul says is our peace and has broken down the barricades separating us from his grace and mercy.

But we cannot just sit and fold our hands doing nothing like sojourners and strangers in our fatherland. We must do something. While we pray to God for a better country, we must also raise our voices and condemn the evil system that has left the citizenry of a country Blessed with abundance in abject poverty and perpetual suffering. Yes, we must raise our voices! We must raise our voices against bad governance. We must raise our voices against the unjust distribution of the wealth of our nation. We must raise our voices! We must raise our voices against political propaganda and Eldorado promises with little or no fulfilment at all. Empty Talk. We must raise our voices! We must raise our voices against police brutality, thuggery, kidnapping, terrorism, etc., leading to the lost of millions of human lives on daily basis. Yes, we must raise our voices!

Why should a senator be given sitting allowance and wardrobe allowance when he/she has been paid the usual monthly salary? Why? Then, the teachers should also be given teaching allowance and wardrobe allowance too. Why should a governor travel with a convoy of 20 heavyweight and fuel consuming cars, meanwhile there are many unemployed youths? Why should a sitting governor destroy roads and people’s properties in the name of road construction and at the end of the day, do nothing, and nobody is saying anything about it? Yet, we are dancing shaku shaku everywhere, crying on TV and deceiving people with grammar. We can take this no more! Why should they have solar systems and generators in their homes and offices, when they should ensure there’s constant light for all citizens.

We can no longer keep quiet. The time to rise is now. We have started a struggle that will rewrite the history of this nation. The youths are on the streets. What is happening is an avalanche of accumulated indignation. Enough is enough. We’ll see to the end of this fight.The struggle must continue. We cannot give up now. We must keep hoping, keep believing, keep praying, keep struggling, keep talking, keep protesting until our voices are heard loud and clear and our demands are met. END SARS NOW! END BAD GOVERNANCE NOW! END SWAT NOW! END OPPRESSION NOW! Bring back our country Nigeria!



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