The Gospel tells us that Jesus taught and spoke with authority and left the people in astonishment in the Synagogue, and the Demons recognized him and obeyed his command. This authority was not determined by the tone of his voice nor his hard facial expression but by the inner conviction which accompanied his message. Jesus taught what he believed, believed what he taught and practiced what he believed. He gave his manifesto and immediately begins to keep to his words. A man of his words.

 Any man who keeps to his words is a man of integrity and such a person deserves to be called HONOURABLE, because he/she teaches from a deep seated commitment and conviction, hence, he or she speaks with authority because it’s a teaching not dependent on human capacity and capability but on the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Thus, he teaches, lives and leads by example. He is what I prefer to call ‘ TALK AND DO’. The Covenant keeping  God. One who keeps to his promises.

Dear friends, it’s not by mere coincidence or accident but by Divine Providence that we see Jesus fulfilling his promise on this 1st day of the month of September. God wants us to be men and women of our words. People who keep to their promises. Also, God plans to launch us into the final quarter of this year 2020 that has been filled with so many setbacks, disappointments and frustrations. This year that hunger and starvation, sicknesses and diseases, lost of jobs and lack of employment have become the lot of God’s children. This year that fear and anxiety hang about us like a cloud. This year that people have lost hope and are asking if God will abandon his poor ones forever; if he has forsaken his people; if he’s no longer the Covenant keeping God.

The healing of the Demon possessed man today is meant to inspire in us the courage to step into September knowing that God has started his work of liberation in our lives; with the conviction that it’s never too late for God to restore all that we have lost. I pray for you today as you step into this new month that they shall be a twofold restoration in your life. Be it your health, family, job, career and vocation, education, business, whatever you do. The Lord shall manifest his authority in your life. Amen!



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