Today, St. Paul admonishes us to be tender hearted. What does it mean to be tender hearted? To be tender hearted is to have a soft spot for another person. A soft spot for someone in need of assistance and help. A soft spot for someone in pain. A soft spot for someone sick. A soft spot for the weak and oppressed, victims of social injustice, those weighed down by the challenges of life, those physically, emotionally and psychologically depressed, traumatized and handicapped. This soft spot now moves you to go to any length, break barriers, damn rules, principles and precepts to salvage their situation, to alleviate their sufferings and to ease their pains or wipe their tears putting a smile on their faces.

This soft spot is the distinguishing factor that separates the Blessed and the Wicked as carefully enunciated in Psalm 1:1ff. The wicked hold on to laws at the expense of human life while the Blessed price life above all things. Christ demonstrates this fact in the Gospel reading as he took compassion on the woman who has been sick for eighteen years, and not minding the Sabbath law healed her. This was to teach us a lesson, a lesson that when it comes to human life all rules and principles are suspended in favour of humanity. Canon 1752 of the 1983 code tells us that “Salvation of Souls is supreme law.” The very Spirit of the law is to do good at all times . This is what Christ stands for. And Christians are to be his imitators.

This fact is exactly what saddens me. We have Churches and ministries in virtually every street of our communities, villages, towns and cities. Everyone is a believer, calling on the name of Jesus, and professing faith in him. Everyone claims to a Christian which means Christ-like. Yet, all I see are shades of people with wicked hearts, wicked minds, and wicked souls.

We lack soft spots for humanity. If not, tell me why:
• People should be starving and food items are getting bad in warehouses
• People are dying of common sicknesses and ailments, fellow men given the contracts of equipping hospitals are living large on funds meant for this
• People are dying of cholera and dysentery due to bad water systems, funds meant for this are used to sponsor expensive leisure trips to Dubai.
• People are dying everyday on our bad and terrible road networks, funds meant for this are used to build exorbitant and expensive homes in cities and towns.
• People use people to acquire wealth, power, pleasure and honour. Humanity has been sacrificed for the fun of it.

Today, Scripture calls us to have a U-turn in our dealings that we may be counted with the Blessed to avoid been driven away like winnowed chaff. May God bless his words in our hearts through Christ our Lord. Amen!



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