The second stanza of this morning Psalm is eye catching: Great are the works of the Lord, to be pondered by all who delight in them. His handiwork is justice and truth; his precepts are all of them sure, standing firm forever and ever, wrought in uprightness and truth.

The message of truth is one message that must be re-echoed and sustained because, Christ is the way the truth and the life. But the message of truth is sometimes bitter in the mouth and because of this many people detest it. So many people long to hear what is pleasing to them, just as many preachers also long to tell people what they desire to hear. This attitude destroys true faith and it is not good. Sincerity to the gospel must be upheld by teachers of the gospel just as followers of Christ must seek the truth and nothing else.

Today, Just as St. Paul in the first reading draws our attention to the table of truth, Jesus’ teaching on true love for neighbour cannot be undermined. The question who is my neighbour asked by the lawyer in the gospel of today is also being asked by all of us Christians. The simple answer given by Jesus is summarized in the parable of the Good Samaritan.

The Samaritans have a long standing rift with the Jews which dates back to 722BC during the reign of Rehoboam when the Northern and Southern kingdoms parted ways. In addition to other issues, this made the Jews and Samaritans sworn enemies. And so, when Jesus presents the Samaritan as the one who extended a hand of compassion to the dying man. He had a message to drive home. The message that can be inferred is that our neighbour is every human being created in the image and likeness of God, whether a sinner or a saint. Anyone who shares in the universal human family notwithstanding colour, language, culture or race is our neighbour. Anyone in need of our help or assistance is a neighbour. Consequently, our love must know no bounds whether tribal, religious or cultural. This is the truth we must uphold. The truth that we should GO AND DO LIKEWISE.

Go and do likewise means:
• They are many people around us who are sick, hungry, weak and devastated. We are to bring them succour and hope
• Many students in foreign states, lands or countries suffer injustices, intimidation and ill treatment due to language, colour or cultural barriers, be their advocate.
• Many are lost in life, stranded due to flood and some other natural disasters, give them life.
• Some are jobless in our country, not because they are inefficient but because, they are not connected or from connected families and superior tribes, help them.
• An orphan, a widow, an old woman or man, we must assist them irrespective of family or tribe.

This is the summary of the law of God. It’s the source and summit of true worship and religion. This is what Christ requires of us. Go and do LIKEWISE.



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