Today is the second Sunday of Advent Year B. Advent is a time of waiting: we are waiting for the coming of Christ; we are waiting for the final reconciliation of God’s kingdom and of all people; we are waiting for His promises to be fulfilled in our lives. We all are waiting. The sick are waiting for healing. The barren are waiting for the fruit of the womb. The blind are waiting for sight. The deaf and dumb are waiting to hear and speak. The unmarried are waiting for life partners. Waiting season is the most difficult of times. It is often characterized by:
• Great Anxiety
• Desperation
• Fear and Worries
Due to this, nobody wants to wait, but we cannot do without it. Sometimes we grow impatient, but the Lord always desires that we keep calm and wait for Him. The foregoing sums up the message of both today and that of the entire season of Advent.

In the First reading, the people of Israel in exile in Babylon grew weary of waiting on God. The promises of redemption freedom from slavery were not forthcoming. Thus, there were almost giving up on God. Hence, God sent the Prophet Isaiah to speak words of Comfort, encouragement and reassurance: Comfort, comfort my people, says Yahweh.

These words of Isaiah are also for us who are loosing hope and getting tired of waiting for God’s answer in that desperate situation we find ourselves. The Lord says, rather than worry, lose faith and give up, wait for his time. And while you wait, listen to the voice of John in the Gospel reading and use this period of waiting as a time of preparation for Him, that his coming may not take you unawares.

To prepare for the Lord is not to buy Christmas clothes or to make new hairstyle with the most expensive attachment of all time nor is it to buy bags of rice and a handsome number of chickens. Though these are also important for the celebration, the most important preparation is that inner change of heart, Metanoia. Purging ourselves of all wickedness, of all envy, of all jealousy, of unforgiveness, of a life of gossip, of a life of greed. For all these vices have created valleys and mountains in us. The Lord today admonishes us to fill the valleys and level the hills, for in this way we make a fit dwelling place for God. For the Psalmist rightly writes: How lovely is your dwelling place, O Lord God, the Almighty.

Then, we are ready for the Lord to come, and at his own time, he’ll come to our aid and rescue for those who wait on the Lord, the Lord surely and certainly renews their strength. May the Lord renew your strength today, this month and always through Christ our Lord. Amen!

Good morning and Happy Sunday!


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