Israel is in confusion. Israel is lost. Israel is devastated due to her infidelity and unfaithfulness. Israel has lost all hope suffering in exile in Babylon. There are like lifeless bones in the graves. There are dead. For them it is over, but God is still alive. The Babylonian exile was their greatest calamity as they witnessed the destruction of the temple and the Holy city of Jerusalem; symbols of divine presence and God’s continuous providence. Hence, they gave up on God. There was nothing to live for again, but God is still alive. Even, their captors profaned the name of the God by calling him weak, one who could not protect his people. They considered it over for the people of Israel, but God is still alive. Hence, as a prefiguration and a prelude to the healing and restoration of Israel, God using the allegory of the valley of dry bones commanded Ezekiel to preach the message of hope and restoration to the people. To tell them that, it’s not yet over.

Joseph Sarto (Pius X), the man we celebrate today was born in humble circumstances at Riese, a small village in Venetia, on June 2, 1835. He was successively curate, parish priest, bishop of Mantua, Patriarch of Venice. He was elected Pope on August 4, 1903. It was during his pontificate that World War I broke out. In the midst of the devastation, hardships, and misery, he had one message for the people, it’s not yet over. Don’t give up on God and on prayer.

Our present situation in the world is not different from that of both the people of Ezekiel’s and Sarto’s times. We too have experienced enough hardship caused by the pandemic. Others who escaped the ravaging conditions of the pandemic have their own toll of pain: their marriages are death to love, their families are in crisis, their health conditions are critical, they have travelled far and wide in search of solutions and healing, all to no avail, their children are lost to disobedience, crime and all sorts of juvenile acts. Even those without these seeming challenges have Crises in their vocations, no admission, no job, hunger everywhere. Our businesses are either crumbling or have crumbled. We’re tired of jumping from one place to another searching for greener pastures and a better life. We’re tired of looking for a miracle and finding none. We have waited for so long for help, it seems not to be visible. Thus, we have lost hope and consider ourselves dead and buried like the dry bones.

Today, I have one message from God for you. It’s not yet over. All hope is not lost. Yes, you’re in the grave, but your God is still alive. And today, yes, this very day, he has set the stage for your restoration. Today, I mean, even as you sit , God is breathing the Spirit of life into your dead ends: your life, your family, your children,  your career and vocation, your work, your business. He’s doing something new in your life. I believe and I testify, you too must believe and testify that, It’s not yet over because, your God is alive.

 Good morning and happy weekend!


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