This morning Jesus in his discourse on the second coming (Parousia) invites us to be faithful! The Gospel parable is very simple to understand. There is a master and there is a servant. Now, for some reason, this master is planning on leaving his household for a time. Perhaps business draws him away. Perhaps pleasure draws him away. We don’t know. But, in his absence, he leaves this servant in charge of his household. This servant is to oversee the affairs of the house while his master is gone. He is to make sure that those in the house are fed at the proper time (v. 45). He is to coordinate the other servants in their duties (v.49). He is responsible for his master’s house. The servant can respond in one of two ways. Either he can be a faithful and a sensible servant, who does exactly as his master has instructed him to do. Or, he can be an evil servant, who doubts the return of his master (v. 48), who neglects the duties that were given to him (verse 49), who abuses his fellow slaves (v. 49), and who lives a life of drunken pleasure (v. 49).

Jesus is the Master while we’re his servants hence, like the servant in this parable, we are called to be faithful, while our master is away.  Here is the question of the day: Are you a faithful servant to your master? Each an everyone of us has something God has given us authority over. Class teacher, father or mother in the house, elective or political office. Are you a faithful servant? Reginald Patton has a beautiful poem that verily Captures this: If Jesus comes, …Would you have to change your clothes before you let Him in? Or hide some magazines, and put some Bibles where they’d been? Would you hide your worldly music and put some hymn books out? Could you let Jesus walk right in, or would you rush about?

Truth be told, many of us will rush about, if Jesus came. But the faithful one has nothing to hide! He says, “Lord, come on in! I’ve been waiting for you. It’s been a while, but I’ve been working on making my house a place where you would like to dwell.” The faithful child has no fear when mom or dad comes in the room, because mom or dad will find him doing his homework when they come! The faithful employee isn’t worried about whether the boss will come and examine his work, because he knows that it will be found true. The faithful servant isn’t concerned with the timing of his master’s return, because he knows that he is doing his master’s business. The faithful Christian has no fear regarding the return of the Lord. When he comes again, it will be a welcome time of rejoicing, not hiding! But, there are those who flee at the sound of a rustling leaf (Lev. 26:36). There are those who shudder when the door opens upon them. There are those who will fear when the Lord returns, because they have not been about doing His will. They have been unfaithful.

St. Monica was one such faithful and wise servant who spent most of her life praying and working for the conversion of her son, Augustine. She received her reward. We, too, are called to be faithful servants and our rewards are sure!

 May St .Monica intercede for us as she did for her son, Augustine!



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