On this day  that we celebrate St. Clare of Assisi, a friend of Francis, the man of Assisi, it’s important that we remind ourselves of her admonition in her Second Letter to Agnes: “ Always be conscious of your beginnings.” This is as true for us today as when it was written.

There are so many good things about being conscious of one’s beginnings:

1.            It keeps you humble

2.            It keeps you simple

3. It makes you forgive

4. It keeps you thankful and grateful

5.            It keeps you devoted and dedicated to service and work

6.            It keeps you wholly and entirely trustful and dependent on God.

These are the qualities or virtues found in little children that make them models of greatness in the eyes of Jesus and by the standard of God’s kingdom. They are also the virtues that make us remember St. Clare today.

Clare’s beginning was to choose to leave her “comfortable life” and follow the mendicant life of Francis. Thus, Clare and Francis both trusted completely in God. They worried about nothing because they believed that God can take care of them, the same way he does the birds of the sky. They trusted with the faith of little children.

We, too, in our time must look up to little children and St. Clare and model our lives. We must always be mindful of how we started from nowhere, nothing and zero, and today we’re somewhere, something and heroes. It’s all God’s love, grace and mercy. Be simple, be humble, be forgiving, be thankful, be trustful in God. Then, forget about your worries. God will take care of the rest. For when I think of the goodness of God, and his mercies upon my soul, his loving kindness upon my family, I feel like singing: O goziri ma  gozie.

 Good morning!


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