Homily for the feast of Transfiguration

YEAR A (6/8/2020

The word Transfiguration means change and not just regular change but significant change. The word means a change in the figure but more technically it means incredible positive change. The complete immanent transformation of someone.

The Gospel tells us that when our Lord and the three disciples reach the mountaintop, something amazing happens. While the disciples watch, our Lord’s appearance changes as his face shine like the sun and his clothes become dazzling white. What could be the meaning of this luminous apparition? The vision of Daniel in the First Reading today (Daniel 7:9-10, 13-14) tells us among other things: I saw: One like a Son of man coming on the clouds of heaven; and when he reached the Ancient One and was presented before him, the One like a Son of man received dominion, glory, and kingship….

We can see here that what happened at the mountaintop, also known as Transfiguration represents the unveiling of the glory of heaven on earth with the appearances of glorified men of the mountain; Moses, and Elijah. No wonder Peter declares as the vision lasts: “It is wonderful for us to be here.” Yes, it will be more wonderful if we all could make it to heaven and be in God’s presence for ever.

However, for it to be possible we must accept:

  1. To make the resilient journey to the mountain top.
  2. We must allow the time we spend with God in prayer on the mountain to transform us by changing our ways
  3. We must listen to the voice of God

In life, we grow by changing. Those who do not grow are those who refuse to change. But those who embrace positive change improve, obtain new values, opportunities and new beginnings. However, change is one of the most difficult things to accept. Prayer should do this for us- transform us, and make us better persons. Hence, the life of every prayerful Christian should radiate the glory of God. Those who encounter us should encounter God.

And this is exactly the point where most of us have it all wrong. Our life outside is completely the opposite of our prayer life: we gossip, quarrel, fight, envy, jealous, backbite, support injustice and cause division. We need to change our ways. Change our Conducts. Change our behaviours. You cannot claim to be a child of God, a man of prayer and your life does not change, your priorities remain the same. The things that matter to you the most must change. If we change our ways, our environment can radiate the glory of God. If we stop throwing our dirts into our gutters, stop excreting into the gutters stop stealing from one another, stop lying to one another. Our community will be better. Our world will glow.

The feast of the Transfiguration of our Lord challenges us today to listen to God by allowing ourselves to be transformed for glory. Happy Feast of Transfiguration and may you experience positive changes in your life as you go through a deep and lasting transfiguration. Amen.

Happy Feast Day!


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