The law is made for man but man is made for God. When the law stands in the way of salvation, the Lord dispenses with the law and reaches out with love and compassion. This is what Christ demonstrates in action in this morning Gospel.

Over and over again we find that the scribes and Pharisees in tension with Jesus. This is because, they having abandoned the law of God and are clinging to the traditions of men, they were full of injustice and mischief, prising themselves over the law of God. Therefore, seeing Jesus emphasizing the true Spirit of the law, they felt he was getting in their way of self-importance. Hence, they were filled with envy and malice. Thus, they searched for every opportunity to destroy him. Envy blinds us from acknowledging the good deeds of others; it blinds us to the truth and leads us to irrationality and foolishness. This is what the scribes and Pharisees did.  Who in their right mind would “accuse” someone for doing something as good as healing on the Sabbath?  Only those who have become blind by envy.

Envy can lead to all sorts of malicious thoughts, actions and behaviours. This is why, St. Paul admonishes this morning that we put off the old leaven of malice and evil, and put on the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth, because the deceitful and bloodthirsty man, the Lord detest; the one of proud looks and haughty heart the lord will never endure (Ps. 5:5-12).

Today, is therefore an opportunity for each of us to look at our own lives and to examine the relationships we have.  Do you see envy present in any of those relationships?  Do you see yourself acting and thinking in an irrational way at times towards this person or that? Because, he/she stands for right; because he or she is progressing and doing better than you, in his/her God-given talent. Ask the Lord to help you identify yours, you have it; you have just not identified it. Envy and jealousy are enemies of justice and truth.

 PRAYER: Lead me, Lord, in your justice. Amen!



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