Cows Tests Positive to New Deadly Virus in Abia

The Abia state government has disclosed that some cows in the state were found to have contracted Bovine Tuberculosis. The disclosure was made by Ikechi Mgboji, the state’s commissioner for agriculture on Tuesday, September 8, Business Day reported. A search showed that Bovine Tuberculosis is a chronic animal disease caused by a bacteria called Mycobacterium bovis (M.bovis). The disease is related to the bacteria causing avian and human tuberculosis and can affect all mammals. The commissioner warned residents to avoid eating cow lungs in order not to contract the disease, adding that they may eat the flesh.

According to the Vanguard, Mgboji disclosed that the disease was detected after cows meant for public consumption were examined by veterinary doctors. “Part of our work in this ministry is that any cow offered for public consumption is usually examined by veterinary doctors, he stated. “Two of such cows slaughtered about 2-weeks ago, were found to have Bovine Tuberculosis (M.bovine) and there is no way to know a cow with such a disease unless they are either killed or tested. He said the ministry has alerted all veterinary doctors who operate at the abattoirs in the state as well as cow dealers to safeguard the lives of beef consumers.

In another news, the United Nations (UN) has called for the protection of students and teachers from continuous terrorist attacks amid ongoing efforts by the government to reopen schools during the Covid-19 crisis. Edward Kallon, UN resident and humanitarian coordinator, made this call on Tuesday, September 8, in a statement marking the International Day to Protect Education from Attack 2020. Kallon stated that ensuring the protection of teachers and students will raise confidence as schools which were closed due to pandemic-related crisis are now moving back to full actions.

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