Cheerfulness is Medicine to the Soul

cheerfulness is medicine to the soul

It can be heartbreaking to be rejected by those you call family, companions, or friends.

Both Ezekiel and Jesus were rejected by their own people, but their prophetic voices were not silenced.
Most people are ready to reject both the Gospel and the preacher if the truth of his message challenges their personal ideas and orientation. But the truth remains; the Word of God is a double-edged sword; it convicts, but also consoles; it injures, but also heals; it rebukes, but also affirms.
As Christians, we should always recognize our weaknesses and trust in the all-sufficient grace of God. May God give us a humble heart to know that like St. Paul, all of us have thorns on our flesh that we battle with every day. God knows why those thorns are there, and His grace is sufficient for us.

Happy 14th Sunday Year B.

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