Be Your Own Boss – World Agriculture Day – June 11

Hi everyone I welcome you to this brief but inspirational talk on the topic via BE YOUR OWN BOSS. I want to concentrate on agriculture, in agriculture, what is most important is the fact that we have opportunities given to us in Africa God has blessed us with land he has blessed us with so much resources, he has blessed us with all the rich soil and a very good climate most of us are ignoring what we have but we discover that most times we don’t explore what God has given to us, we don’t make good use of what God has given to us.

You see some women still buy vegetable when they can do a little garden behind the house and plant those vegetable, you see us going to buy oranges during the orange season when you can plant an orange tree, you see us buying fish you go to buy fresh fish, but you can have actually a little fish pond even around your environment so I just want us not to waste our energies with our resources that we have but rather we should put them to use because these things would really help us in future also I want to let us understand that whatever we’re going to do is not going to yield  interest or profits the very next day, it is not this kind of what we call sharp sharp money, no it takes patience when you want to go into a cutter for instance is a very good thing they make some money today tomorrow you come back is sharp sharp there is know retirement benefits in Okada, but when you plant trees when you call the vid and plant Pam’s today you plant cuckoo today you plant banana today you plant oranges today you plant mango today you’ll be able to reap from those trees 10 years later, 20 years later some of the beautiful mangoes we eat around the mission houses were planted by the missionaries what can we do for the next generation to come and benefit from, let us not forget that we are Africans we are Nigerians even people around the world who are listening to me – there’s something you can also cultivate we are talking about global warming and have to cop this global warming it’s also by planting trees but another talking about planting tree by planting economic trees that can be beneficial one secret about success is that when you go chasing money sometimes you may not even be able to find money but when you go chasing your dream trying to do something that will better the economy better the nation by doing that money will chase you.

By planting trees we are thinking of how people who feed tomorrow after this coronavirus have come and gone by God’s grace don’t be hunger in the world people who need to eat fruit what you plan to do that cassava our planting tool in during the rainy season you’ll be able to harvest it some months to come and if you were to make gari and other things that comes from cassava so let us not be lazy let us not always be interested in white college of the job sometimes I’m not even there some people have gone to school they have graduated but there is no job but were you able to put little effort in cultivating and planting something today making use of the available resources that you have around your neighborhood around your family farm land around your compound those things will heal in future and you make much money in future and you’ll be able to feed other people even after you have left this war so we should be encouraged to work hard sometimes when you’re about to go into this agriculture and other people discourage you a little people will laugh at you but I don’t want you to listen to them concentrate and work hard put in your energy putting a little resources don’t waste money buying beer drinking beer and wasting your money in the things that will not profit you beĀ  productive you can start something today that you sell tomorrow and you will be able to export to other countries you can begin in what is available in other countries they have the available resources they produced iPhone they produced that and we buy them we may not be able to go into that now but we type who go into that because we are a developing nation if you are not really good at cultivating the soil you can go into other ones like t agree poetry fish funny all these ones are various branches of Agriculture that are common that can’t survive in our terrain in our environment I remember when I went into poetry I put in some beds for months to December and during Christmas they were rushing those bed they were not even enough I planted about 400 oranges and people were laughing at me and saying these oranges they are planting are you sure you’re gonna eat them and I told them I said the oranges are eating right now and the part I’m harvesting right now in the parishes were not planted by me and planting them now for the next person to be able to harvest so I challenged my youth especially invest your time your energy in cultivating in sowing in planting in investing in agriculture expecially so that in future you would be able to reap and every year old children who rip from those beautiful things you have done while you were young my dear friends I’ll show you if you’re able to plant something today if you able to sue is see today able to cultivate something today you’ll be a boss tomorrow a little thing that you think you are doing now go to bless it in such a way that in future you’ll be proud of yourself you’ll be able to show it to your children and tell them what you have done not just for yourself but for the whole world let us pray the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit amen a mighty God and father a word said in Colossians at verse six verse seven whatever man saw that we beg you Lord as our youths in Africa struggle to sue struggle to invest even in agriculture which is our roots beg you to bless the web of our hands encourages Almighty God help our youth not to be lazy help us to be hard-working and blessed our land that it may yield in fifties in hundreds and thousands through Christ our Lord amen the Almighty God bless you.

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