fr thomas onabe

I welcome you to the forth Sunday of Lent (Laftare Sunday), Be joyful Jerusalem and all who love her and i ask you to reflect with me on the theme Christ the True Light.

Light is a natural phenomenon that helps us to see the beuty in the world. scientists made us understand that without lights, even when our eyes are open and there is darnkess we will not be able to se anything in the world. That is whyu Christ said (John 9:1-41) in today’s gospel “I AM THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD”. We all receive lights from Christ the Latin man has that In Lumine Tuo Vedibimus Lumen meaning, in your light we see lights, at batism we receive the candle which symbolizes the liggh of Christ and is thesame lige that we see even in the alter eery day during mass, no wonder he tell sus in Mathew Gospel 5:16. Let your light so shine, so that men will see your good works and give glory to your father who is in heaven. in coming to Christ the light, it enabled us to carry out the following.

  1. A sound judgement of the things around us. The first reading of today 1Samuel 16:1b. 6-7.10-13a, we saw how samuel was almost anointing one of the children of Jesse as as King but God said to him I dont judge from appearance i look at the heart. so light enable us to make right judgement.
  2. Secondly lights enable us to expose the darkness of sin in us because darkness and light have nothing in common. so when we live a life of light, we will be able to know that we are lving in sin when we comit sin.
  3. The thrid point is that this light, this light of Christ enables us to see the suffering in the World. alot of our leadrs today dont know that thre is suffering in the world because there are spiritually blind, that was the problem which the rich man and Lazarus. The man was spiritually blind, he was not able to recognize Lazarus suffering around him in poverty.
  4. The forth point is that light enable christ to guide us in our day to day activities, that is why the spalm of today, Responsorial psalm: Psalm 23, He guides me along the right path for the sake of his name. St. Paul says in today second reading, awake O sleeper, arise from the dead and christ shall give you light.

As I invite you all to come into the light, may the light of christ Shine upon you all, thorugh Christ our Lord.

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